Twisted Youngii Birch

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Dogwood planting day

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Composting for my vegetable garden

I am working on having a organic vegetable garden this year.  I have been composting since last summer…. this yummy compost will be going to the garden patch very soon

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Hail storm

Oh my, I just had a truck load of hosta,  hydrangea  and dogwood delivered, and now we are having a hail storm…

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My garden will be filled with Hydrangea

I love Hydrangeas.

My garden will be filled with them.

This is not a climbing variety, but it is beautiful.

Anomala Petiolaris climbing Hydrangea

The anomala is a mid-summer flowering and climbing hydrangea with aerial roots. This makes anomala a good choice if the goal is to have the hydrangea attach itself to a brick or wooden home. Anomala is hardy to United States Department of Agriculture Hardiness Zones 4 and 5 and can reach a height of 60 to 80 feet, or as tall as the structure to which it is attached. Alternatively, anomala can be pruned to keep a shorter height or trained to become a ground cover or shrub. Flowers are creamy white and lightly scented. Its dark green leaves turn a rich golden yellow in the fall. Anomala adapts well to soil conditions, but thrives in moist, well-drained soil. In hot areas of the South, it should be planted in a location that will receive a fair amount of shade.

Schizophragma Hydrangia

Schizophragma are cultivars of the Japanese climbing hydrangea. Roseum and Moonlight are popular varieties in the United States, according to Sustainable and Urban Gardening. Roseum bears an ongoing color show in the South. Blossoms are initially pink, and then turn to white as temperatures rise during the summer months. Moonlight has silver leaves, grows a bit slower than Roseum, and requires a shady site. Shizophragma is deciduous and grows best in USDA hardiness zones 5 to 7. To foster its climb it should be planted near a wall or tree so that it can attach to something. Otherwise, it will be slow to produce blossoms.

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Only 58 days remain until the tour

early in the day on April 14th, that big pile of top soil still needs to be spread for planting. Only 58 days to have my garden ready for the Mo Botanical Garden’s home tour… when there will be 1500+ … Continue reading

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Rain rain go away….

63 days left until the Missouri Botanical Gardens home garden tour, but it has not stopped raining long enough for us to finish placing the last few boulders or to bring in the few loads of 50/50 top soil mix.  Not to mention PLANTING!!!!

However a few shrubs were planted over the weekend. Here are a few photos from this morning.

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the beginning stages of the project


This photo was taken in 2004.  It is the south side of the house; before this photo was taken, there were over-grown scrubs and a very steep hill. I had the scrubs pulled out,  the hill removed.  This left a 3 foot drop-off from the deck, so we built these planting beds with stacked stone walls.

This area looks completely different today, but this was the beginning of what has turned into a seven-year project.

I will post more “before” photos over the next few days.

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My project

This gallery contains 2 photos.

My project has been slowly building for a few years… but now, it has a deadline,  June 12, 2011. I started with a house on one acre, most of the property was lawn (turf) the rest was mostly honey suckle. … Continue reading

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