Only 58 days remain until the tour

the board walk and the octagon shaped deck recently installed. The dawn redwood trees are just starting to leaf out.

this is a before view… this deck will be stained. but not for a few months. Bamboo on the left of walk, there will be tall lime light hydrangea on the right. I am trying to create a feeling of walking through a living tunnel when walking on the board walk.

early in the day on April 14th, that big pile of top soil still needs to be spread for planting.

Only 58 days to have my garden ready for the Mo Botanical Garden’s home tour… when there will be 1500+ touring my garden (in one day, June 12)
I am still under construction and have lots of planting yet to do.

Today we have a tornado watch in our area and rain expected until Wednesday the 20th…. so my anxiety level goes up just a little.

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One Response to Only 58 days remain until the tour

  1. Pepper says:

    Wow, the time between planning and enjoying is definitly something that takes a special kind of person. I know having a deadline helps to motivate, but 1500+. . . that’s more staggering to take in than the actual project. Can’t wait to see pics in June!

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